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    Will Tanning Make My Tattoo Fade?

    Welcome, welcome tanners. Today’s blog is intended to catch the attention of our inked tanning friends. First of all, any ink color will fade over time no matter what, and you may need to re-touch it. But this blog is to help protect and prolong the life of your ink when tanning because NO, you don’t have to choose between tattoos and tanning.

    To answer the question, yes, tanning can cause your ink to fade, moreover UV rays, UVA and UVB, accelerate color loss, whether they come from the sun or a tanning bed. The best way to protect your ink is to cover your tattoo area with the highest SPF sunblock available prior to hopping in the tanning bed. You can apply the sunblock with a cotton swab in order to completely cover the outline of the tattoo (as to avoid a border around the design). You can also try covering your tattoo with a piece of fabric the size and shape of your tattoo to block as much UV as possible.

    A big part of caring for your tattoo (and skin in general) is moisturizing. I don’t care what color your skin is or what sex organs you got, all of our skin needs to be moisturized to not only be healthy, but to maintain a beautiful bronze AND a vibrant tattoo. If you don’t regularly moisturize, especially after a tanning session or shower—the two activities that dry out your skin the most, your skin can feel dry and itchy or become flaky. Moisturizing will prevent the loss of bits of skin that will slowly strip the ink out of your tattoo… See the importance?

    Lastly, the best tattoo tip anyone will give you is to avoid sun exposure to a brand new tattoo. Though this is quite obvious, better safe than sorry to over emphasize it. You should always follow the aftercare instructions given by your tattoo artist and never expose your unhealed tattoo to natural or artificial UV light.

    Here at Ultimate Sun, we specifically sell sticks of SPF 15 sunblock designed to easily apply protection to tattoos and lips. As always, thank you for reading our blog, Ask Ultimate Sun. Check back in next week for more tanning knowledge! XOXO, MJ

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