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    What are the Differences Between each Bed?

    Welcome back my friends! We’ve covered plenty of safety tips for now… This week’s blog is featuring all five different types of beds we provide for your use here at Ultimate Sun. We’ll go in order based on intensity, beginning with our level 1 bed.


    Santa Barbara

    • Level 1
    • 15 minute maximum
    • Twenty-four 100-watt body bulbs
    • One 400-watt high-pressure facial



    • Level 2
    • 12 minute maximum
    • Twelve 100-watt & Twelve 160-watt body bulbs
    • Three 400-watt high-pressure facials



    • Level 3
    • 9 minute maximum
    • 360o of 190-watt bulbs



    • Level 3
    • 12 minute maximum
    • Forty 160-watt high-pressure body bulbs
    • Three 500-watt high-pressure facial



    • Level 4
    • 12 minute maximum + 3 minute facial tanner extension
    • Fifty 160-watt high-pressure body bulbs
    • Five 500-watt & 1000-watt high-pressure facials
    • Two 500-watt high-pressure shoulder bulbs

    A great way to get to know each bed is to take advantage of our Sunday Special, when we slice the price of Single Sessions in half (session must be used the day of purchase)!

    Tune in next Wednesday for more great info! Thanks for reading our blog, Ask Ultimate Sun! XOXO, MJ

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