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    Why should I use lotion while tanning?

    You can absorb up to 40% more UV with moistened skin.

    Why can’t I use outdoor lotion or oil in tanning beds?

    You really shouldn’t use an outdoor lotion for indoor tanning. Most outdoor lotions are highly oil-based and don’t have the same moisture that an indoor tanning lotion would have. Also, it’s possible that using the wrong one can cause a nasty burn.

    How long should I wait to shower after tanning?

    One hour after tanning is fine. You actually don’t have to wait at all from the tanning. The lotion is why you need to wait. Many lotions contain bronzers or tingle that need time to take full effect.

    How long do I have to wait between tanning sessions?

    If its the first time you have been tanning you should wait 3 – 4 days. If not then the next day is fine.

    How often are the bulbs changed in the beds at Ultimate Sun?

    Our bulbs are checked EVERYDAY at the end of day and are changed as necessary. This ensures ultimate fresh bulbs for the ultimate tan!

    What makes high-pressure beds different than normal UV beds?

    High pressure beds result less UVB ray(burning ray), than regular UV beds, which in turn makes you less likely to burn. Also, your tan is achieved in a shorter period of time and lasts longer.

    Is it okay to combine spray tanning and tanning beds?

    YES! We actually encourage it if you’re looking for SUPER fast, SUPER dark results. We offer the Ulimate Tan called the double dip…tan first, then spray tan after! Spray tanning solution does not have any spf in it which in turn allows you to tan through it.

    Your first post-spray tan shower should always be more of a “rinse.” You will notice the bronzer washing off, but that is completely normal.

    When you step out of the shower, be sure to pat your skin dry, rather than rubbing it.

    Always moisturize, preferably with a DHA tan extending lotion. DHA tan extending lotions give your tan a boost and keep it looking fresh because they actually contain DHA (the active ingredient in sunless products responsible for the color change)!

    If possible, avoid bar soaps, harsh loofahs and any products with alcohol listed in the top three ingredients. Use products that are DHA friendly meaning they won’t harm your tan.

    How often can I tan?

    By federal and state law, please wait 24 hours between sessions.

    Is it really that important to always wear eye war?

    YES! Our eyes don’t have the capacity to produce melanin for protection like our skin does. UV light can be irreparably damaging to your yes – the ultra-thin eyelids do not block ultraviolet rays, only the eyewear that is provided by us gives you the necessary protection.

    How do i prevent “raccoon eyes”?

    You can adjust your protective eyewear during your tanning session. Do not lift the eyewear off your eyes – just slide it gently, making sure your entire eye is covered. Or you may use make-up or use a self-tanner.

    Can I tan when I’m pregnant?

    The main objection to tanning pregnant women is the increased potential of becoming overheated. Understand that UV does not reach the unborn baby, as it does not travel beyond the top layers of the skin.

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